Hills Waste Solutions customers are in the public and private sectors. In a typical year, we recycle over 232,000 tonnes of waste; we generate electricity from our landfill gas and our PAS 100 compost is a certified organic growing medium.

Ten years ago we were predominantly a landfill company that was beginning to introduce new methods for recycling waste and recovering material. Operations were focused at a few key sites such as our Purton and Lower Compton landfills in Wiltshire and a network of supporting recycling operations, transfer stations and satellite sites.

We currently operate a number of waste management facilities in and around Wiltshire

Lower Compton (Calne)

  • materials recovery
  • non-hazardous landfill
  • wood recycling
  • skip and container hire
  • transfer of 50,000 tonnes of waste to the Lakeside energy from waste facility in Colnbrook
  • waste transfer

Porte Marsh (Calne)

  • plastic and cardboard recycling

Parkgate Farm (Purton)

  • hazardous and non-hazardous waste
  • asbestos disposal
  • compost
  • skip and container hire
  • transport depot

Chapel Farm (Blunsdon)

  • The Chapel Farm landfill site has reached the end of its operational life and was closed on Friday, 10th October 2014. Click here for more information.
  • commercial recycling
  • waste water treatment


  • waste transfer

Barton Court (Newbury)

  • waste transfer

In addition, we jointly run a network of 11 household recycling centres (HRCs) with our partner, Wiltshire Council.

We are in the midst of a dramatic restructuring of our business to get us ready to offer a zero-to-landfill option for the county’s management needs. We also want to recover the maximum value from all the materials we collect and provide bespoke solutions to reduce environmental impact and save taxpayers’ money.

Northacre Resource Recovery Centre (NRRC)

The Northacre Resource Recovery Centre (NRRC) in Westbury is Wiltshire’s first mechanical and biological treatment (MBT) plant. The NRRC is transforming 60,000 tonnes of the county’s domestic residual waste into fuel each year. Click here to view the Northacre RRC website or here to see BBC Points West news coverage from the Northacre RRC.

Lower Compton resource recovery facility

A new flagship development (subject to planning permission) will modernise our existing main waste management facility at Lower Compton. The new development will reduce the amount of waste deposited into our landfills and increase our ability to extract more materials for recycling.

The new facility will also enable transport operations to be streamlined.

Parkgate Farm (Purton)

We are currently looking at how to reduce the environmental impacts at our Parkgate Farm site near Swindon – including improvements that will generate very significant reductions in lorry miles driven across Wiltshire and reducing traffic in sensitive town centres.

Amesbury recyclables management facility (RMF)

This site replaced the Thorny Down facility and is the new hub for collection of household waste and recycling materials from the south of the county. It also accepts green waste and bulky waste items collected by Wiltshire Council from households.Future plans for the site include collection of trade waste following a planned extension of commercial waste collection services in the Amesbury and Salisbury areas. The site is expected to process 40,000 tonnes of material each year.