Non-hazardous waste

Though we all agree that landfill should be the last resort when it comes to managing waste, it still has a role to play.

The Government, following European policy, is seeking to encourage us all to find ways to stop generating waste, reusing and recycling more and avoiding landfill.

However, until recycling technologies are perfected (currently between 40per cent and 10per cent of all materials that cannot be recovered), they must be disposed of to land.

Our landfills are carefully engineered and pose almost no threat to the environment. We are very heavily regulated by the Environment Agency and have an excellent track record in running our sites well.

We operate two major landfills for the Wiltshire and Swindon areas: Lower Compton and Parkgate Farm.

Asbestos disposal takes place at our hazardous Parkgate Farm Landfill at Purton, near Swindon. Our highly specialised site is one of only a small handful in the whole of the UK that can provide this important service. Contact us.