Bag collections

A great alternative to bins, these bags are ideal for small quantities of waste, and are collected to suit your needs. General waste and dry, mixed recycling options are available.




Capacity (litres)Width (mm)Height (mm)Length (mm)
80 - general waste - red 100g thickness204737965
80 - recycling - clear 100g thickness204737965

Contamination policy

Waste typeWhat can I put in?What can’t I put in?
General wasteLightweight, compactable, dry, non-hazardous wasteHazardous waste, liquids, paint tins, batteries, electronic and electrical equipment, rubble, bulky waste, clinical waste, gas bottles, fluorescent tubes and animal by-products
Dry mixed recycling Paper, newspaper, cardboard, plastic bottles, plastic milk bottles and tin cansBlack bags, paper cups, liquids, glass, hard rigid plastics, food, wood, metal and polystyrene