Waste compactor containers


Maximise your space and reduce your waste collection costs with one of our electrically powered portable or static compactors. These useful machines crush bulky, low-density waste and are attached to waste containers of various sites. Static compactors remain fixed in situ while portable compactors are housed within the container and can be re-sited. Portable compactors are also completely self-contained, aiding hygiene and preventing fly-tipping.


  • Warning lights indicate when collection is required
  • Telematic options for digital alerts when a collection is required
  • Specialised loading systems available to suit your site
  • Full installation, training and after-sales support included
Range of sizes & capacity
What waste are our compactors for?




Sizes available

35 yard hooklift


Capacity (yards³/m³)


Equivalent to...

350 black bags

Width (mm)


Height (mm)


Length (mm)




General waste

Lightweight, compactable, dry, non-hazardous waste

Hazardous waste, liquids, paint tins, batteries, electronic and electrical equipment, rubble, bulky waste, clinical waste, gas bottles, fluorescent tubes and animal by-products