For your business to succeed, it needs to operate efficiently across every function, including waste management. Instead of juggling several suppliers, you can rely on us to take care of all your waste and recycling. We’ll increase your efficiency and reduce your management time and paperwork too. It’s what we call total waste management.


As well as consistently reliable waste collections and great customer service, total waste management means giving you more so that your business doesn’t have to worry about waste. Our industry-leading customer portal gives you access to real-time data and waste tracking, as well as system-generated notifications and automated reports straight to your inbox.


We offer on-and off-site waste analysis and provide paperless ticketing, and because we take a partnership approach, we can tailor our service and pricing to your needs. We’re one of only a few waste management companies to hold three ISOs, meaning health and safety and compliance are always a priority.

Hills Waste Solutions is reliable, conscientious and committed to re-using, recycling and recovering as much waste as possible. We’re a local business just like you and proud to serve our business community.


Our customer commitment

At Hills Waste Solutions, we promise to provide a hassle-free, reliable and sustainable waste management service to our customers and commit to: 


Collecting your business waste according to our agreement, on schedule and at the agreed frequency.

Keeping customers informed of schedule updates or changes.

Providing access to our customer portal, for: reporting, account information, waste transfer notes and invoices.

Disposing of your waste in the most environmentally friendly way, minimising the amount of unnecessary waste sent to landfill.

Recycling all business waste wherever possible.

What is waste management?

Waste management is the complete process of dealing with unwanted materials – everything from collection and transportation to treatment and disposal or recycling. As well as the logistical side, waste management also involves monitoring waste, complying with laws and ensuring waste materials are dealt with safely before being put to the best use at the end of their life.


At Hills Waste Solutions, we’re proud to deal with every aspect of this process as part of our commitment to total waste management and treatment.

What types of waste are there?

Commercial waste is legally classified so that business owners understand what is required for each waste type.

Broadly, we categorise waste into five groups that reflect the way they’re disposed of:


  • Recyclable solid waste, such as paper and card, plastics, metal cans, food packaging, glass and ceramics, inkjet cartridges, batteries and lightbulbs.
  • Organic waste, such as plants, food scraps and paper products that can be decomposed into organic matter.
  • General waste, such as on-hazardous, non-recyclable materials that are usually converted into heat, electricity or fuel using a waste-to-energy process.
  • Hazardous waste:  such as all flammable, toxic, corrosive or reactive materials.
  • Liquid waste, such as dirty water, organic liquids, wash water and waste detergents that are commonly found in the industrial sector.

You can find more details about the waste we manage by clicking on the links below.

What are the benefits of good waste management? 

With local and global economies increasingly focused on ensuring a sustainable future, good waste management is vital for all businesses and our planet.


Driven by both legislation and customer demand for socially responsible brands, businesses are actively improving their sustainability as a route to better sales performance. Smart waste management is good for brand image as well as the environment, and with escalating prices, businesses that manage their waste more effectively are also saving money by buying fewer materials and cutting their disposal costs.

Hills Waste Solutions is a fully licensed, local waste management company that can collect and recycle all kinds of commercial waste materials. We’re experts in managing waste sustainably.


How can you improve your waste management? 

Reputable companies choose a reputable waste management company to take care of their waste materials. At Hills Waste Solutions, we can:


Take the hassle out of waste management

From schools and offices to retail, construction and manufacturing, Hills Waste Solutions is an experienced and trusted local waste management company that makes life easy for businesses across the region.


However complex your requirements, our partnership approach means we work with you to make your business more sustainable, providing waste containers, collection and recycling services, disposal facilities and expert advice to ensure you manage your waste as efficiently as possible. It’s what we call total waste management.


Waste services near you

Hills Waste Solutions caters to the waste management needs of thousands of businesses in the West Country. Find out if our waste management services are available in your area.

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