Disposing of asbestos safely

Asbestos is dangerous and needs to be disposed of by qualified professionals. You may think the risks are low, but unsafe handling can lead to serious health problems years or even decades later. At Hills Waste Solutions, we offer safe asbestos disposal at our own fully licensed site in Wiltshire, taking control from start to finish.


Our trained experts wear dedicated PPE, use sealed and lockable bins, and transport your waste material to a specialist processing site where it’s handled with community safety in mind. We deal with all the paperwork so you can demonstrate your asbestos waste has been disposed of legally and responsibly.

Suitable containers

What we do with asbestos waste


Securely handled and taken to our Hazardous Waste Facility


Tipped into an asbestos cell and covered immediately

Frequently asked questions

Download our Waste Classification Guide

We’re here to make your life easy, so why not download our full Waste Classification Guide including detailed lists of what can and can’t be accepted for all our waste services.