Don’t waste your food waste

Food waste is too valuable to be thrown out with your general rubbish. Recycling your commercial food waste increases your recycling rate. All the waste food we collect is recycled locally using innovative anaerobic digestion technology. The packaging is separated and is then sent to an Energy from Waste Facility where energy is generated and distributed back to the national grid. The old food turns into gas, which becomes renewable energy fed straight into the National Grid. It also creates nutrient-rich bio-fertiliser for agricultural use.


When we collect food from your premises we use purpose-built, lightweight collection vehicles specially designed to avoid leakages. They’re perfect for easy manoeuvring around the back of shops, pubs, restaurants and any other business. We also put a new liner in the bins afterwards, something our customers really appreciate.

Suitable bins

Food waste bins

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What happens with food waste


Food waste is shredded before bacteria is added


The anaerobic digestion process takes place 


Gas is harvested over a 90 day period and sent to the grid


Organic fertiliser is created for agricultural use

Frequently asked questions

Download our Waste Classification Guide

We’re here to make your life easy, so why not download our full Waste Classification Guide including detailed lists of what can and can’t be accepted for all our waste services.