Wood recycling collected from your workplace

Wood is one of the most versatile and precious natural resources in the world, and that includes wood waste. Our local wood collection service means there’s always wood recycling near you, so you won’t need to load up a van and take it to a waste facility yourself. And, of course, separating wood from your general waste also means you reduce your bill by reducing the amount paid in landfill tax by your chosen collection service. All the waste wood we collect is sent for recycling and converted into animal bedding, chipboard or for renewable energy.

Suitable containers

What happens to your wood waste


Your recycling is sorted

at our materials recycling facility


It can be shredded and sent to a Biomass power station


Or it can be bulked to a re-processor for manufacture of recycled wood products such as chipboard

Frequently asked questions

Download our Waste Classification Guide

We’re here to make your life easy, so why not download our full Waste Classification Guide including detailed lists of what can and can’t be accepted for all our waste services.