Food waste bins

Available in either 120 litre or 240 litre capacity to suit your needs. These containers have been specifically designed to ensure food waste is hygienically stored.



Volume (litre)Width (mm)Height (mm)Length (mm)Tyres (mm)Weight (kg)

Contamination policy

Waste typeWhat can I put in?What can’t I put in?
Food wasteKitchen and food waste, raw and cooked meat, bones, fat, non-packaged food waste, food waste in packaging, fruit and vegetablesBlack bags, hazardous waste, glass and metal

Food waste containers and caddies are provided with biodegradable liners for the clean, hygienic collection of food waste to reduce odours and avoid interference from flies.

Hills also offers a range of caddies and pedal containers for storing waste within the kitchen, from 5 litre handled table top caddies to 60 litre pedal containers.