As a landlocked city and county in southwest England with great geographical and historical significance, the emphasis on recycling and waste management plays a crucial role in guaranteeing the secure and responsible treatment of waste produced by residents and businesses.

This essential practice safeguards public health, the environment, and valuable natural resources through the appropriate and conscientious handling of waste disposal. As a dedicated waste management service provider in Bristol, Hills Waste Solutions takes pride in offering dependable and sustainable waste management services to support local businesses.

Bristol has been a thriving port since the Middle Ages, facilitating trade and connections with the rest of the world. Its strategic location has naturally made it an important centre for shipbuilding, manufacturing, and commerce. Today, Bristol has has earned the title of the UK's leading tech cluster outside London. Evolving into a major hub for aerospace, electronics, creative industries and thriving tech scene has attracted both established companies and innovative start-ups, each with their own distinct business waste requirements.

Reduce, reuse and recycle locally for a cleaner, more sustainable Bristol.

Waste management in Bristol is a crucial aspect of the city's environmental efforts, with the local council making commendable strides in recycling and waste reduction. Bristol boasts an excellent recycling rate of 47.4%, surpassing the national average of 45.1%. The council's commitment to sustainable waste management is evident through its comprehensive recycling programs and initiatives. The local authority has implemented a dual-stream recycling system, allowing residents to separate recyclable materials effectively. Additionally, the council has established numerous recycling centres and facilities across the city to ensure convenient access for all citizens. Through community engagement campaigns and educational programs, Bristol Council has successfully encouraged its residents to adopt more environmentally friendly practices, contributing to the city's strong recycling performance. With ongoing efforts and commitment to waste management, Bristol continues to set an inspiring example for other cities in the UK and beyond.


Business waste management in BS1

As with other counties in the United Kingdom, businesses in Bristol cannot put their waste out for council collections as these are for domestic households only. All businesses operating in the area have a duty of care for their commercial waste and failure to comply with this can result in prosecutions. This is why it is important to select a registered contractor to dispose of your commercial waste responsibly.

As an independent waste management company with a proud heritage, Hills Waste Solutions is passionate about keeping Bristol clean and further improving recycling rates. We are a local licensed industrial and commercial waste service provider originally established in Wiltshire in 1900, now operating throughout the West Country. We contribute significantly to the regional economy, care passionately about the environment and are committed to being good neighbours in all the local regions where we work.

Our services for business waste collection in Bristol will ensure your commercial bins and waste are removed safely and in compliance with local and national regulations. Whether your organisation is a school, hospital, office, retail outlet, catering service, construction site or any other type of business, you can rest assured that we will simplify recycling and sustainable waste management for you. Being rooted in the local market, we understand its unique dynamics, and our adaptable approach allows us to work in partnership with you to meet your specific requirements.

No matter if your business is small or large or whether you need a one-off or regular collection service, with Hills you can tailor your waste services to suit your specific requirements. Our licensed waste carriers can collect from anywhere in Bristol before transporting it to a local waste management facility for disposal and recycling. At our Bristol transport depot our fleet of commercial waste collection vehicles are busy collecting general waste, food and recyclables from over 1400 sites in local areas including Bristol, Bath, Weston-super-Mare, Yate, Thornbury, Clevedon, Avonmouth and Keynsham.


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We’re experts in helping business customers across the public and private sectors achieve their zero-waste ambitions and contribute positively to a circular economy. We recycle and manage all types of waste, recycling as much as possible and using what remains as a valuable resource. We’re also conscious of our own environmental footprint, continually working to ensure we minimise our impact on local neighbours and global society. Read more about our approach to sustainability here.

We’re also proud to take compliance extremely seriously and have a long-standing commitment to health and safety.  In addition, our environmental expertise also provides confidence to businesses. Hills Waste is committed to upholding sustainability goals and are always working to keep our employees, environments, customers, and communities safe. Find out more about our compliance policies here.

Commercial waste removal services offered to businesses in Bristol

Hills Waste Solutions offer an efficient and hassle-free collection service for all types of commercial and industrial waste in Bristol. Whether you need daily or weekly collections, we offer a flexible service arranged to suit your specific needs. We also collect a wide range of waste types from general waste to specialist waste collection and disposal services, such as the removal of hazardous waste. Whatever industry you work in, we can provide solutions for most waste types. 

Here are some of the most common types of waste collection services we offer in Bristol:

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