Statement by Hills Waste Solutions on Fire at Lower Compton landfill site

A member of staff detected a fire on the Lower Compton landfill site at 05:00am Wednesday 27 April. The Fire & Rescue Service was called immediately and the site emergency plan initiated. The incident is ongoing and emergency services remain in attendance. The landfill site has been temporarily closed, but all other operations on site are open. We are working with the Fire & Rescue Service, and other agencies, to help bring the fire under control.


There has been no personal injury or damage to property as a result of the fire. Advice from the Fire & Rescue Service is for local residents to keep windows and doors closed during the incident.


For any media enquiries on this matter please refer to the media section of The Hills Group website or contact: Monique Hayes, Group communications manager, The Hills Group Tel: 01793 781200 E: