Have you got “Rubbish” New Year Resolutions?

It's that time of year again, when “new year, new me” starts sweeping social media... what resolutions have you gone for? Lifestyle change? Health Change? Big goals and achievements to aim for by the end of the year? Save money and improve the quality of your waste disposal? We’re guessing the last one probably wasn’t on your list. 


However, it's an interesting thought and something we try and proactively do for our clients at Hills Waste Solutions. As a waste management business, it’s in our interest for you to dispose of your waste correctly. 


It's easy to say that, but how can we help improve the waste disposal and cost to your business? 


Here are 7 things we’ve either tried with our clients, or our clients have told us worked with great results! 


1. Use segregated and sign-posted bins

A simple but effective way to clearly separate your waste in the office. With a clear explanation of what can go where, so you don’t contaminate your waste! Using colours and themes helps.

2. Prizes! 
Who doesn’t love a bit of rivalry in the office? Set out an awards point system for a departmental or team bin, score each on the quality of their waste disposal and whichever has the most points at the end of the month gets prizes!

3. Reduce the number of bins in the office
Why use 40 small desk bins with separate plastic bags, when you could have one large area? Not only are you reducing the amount of litter spread around the office, but you're also streamlining the process for your cleaners, saving time and money. 


4. Food waste
Every tonne of food waste ending in a landfill produces approximately 4.2 tonnes of greenhouse gases. If it were a country, food waste would be the third highest emitter of greenhouse gases behind the USA and China!


We have sustainable solutions for your food waste and can turn it into biogas. By separating food waste from other types of waste, we may be able to save you money on your general waste, whilst at the same time reducing the carbon impact on the environment!


5. Buy stock or essentials with less packaging
There have been some major breakthroughs over the years with plastic-free packaging. Most Easter eggs, for example, are now completely packaged plastic-free. See where your business can follow and choose your suppliers accordingly. 

6. Stop using paper towels!
Paper hand towels and tissues are good examples of contamination. Although they're made from paper fibres they cannot be recycled. The fibres are not suitable to be pulped and tissues have often been in contact with moisture and organic matter.


5.9 million tonnes of paper towels are used each year. If we cut out just one roll of paper towel each day we would save 260,000 tonnes of paper a year. If you are still using towels in the toilets, then change to a hand dryer.   


7. Have Pride - If you’re working hard to be sustainable, help your company embrace it
If you educate your employees and reveal why your company is doing it, everyone is more likely to take pride in it. Like anything else, changing people’s behaviour can be difficult if they don’t see a purpose and benefit, it will fall by the wayside very quickly. 

An easy way to handle this is to break down your goals into small steps and celebrate each one as you accomplish them. Of course, we often celebrate the big wins, but those little victories can be even more inspiring. 

Whatever it is you end up doing, we would love to hear from you and hear your results! To start making a change now, get an online quote today!



If you have any questions about how to improve your waste management, please get in contact at 0808 145 4533 and we will assist however we can.